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Running your own business is a journey and
QFG can help you at every milestone:

from start up and your first employee to expanding
into new facilities and succession planning.

We provide expert advice and assistance to manage the accounting, taxation, bookkeeping and financial needs of
your business so you can confidently focus on the strategy and the everyday operations of your business.

What is the critical problem facing your business?

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After I pay my suppliers, my staff, and all the other overhead costs, including tax, I get so little from my business to pay me back for all my hard work and long hours.

How do I have a healthy income and have a better lifestyle for me and my family?

My staff do not care about the business like I do, and they just don’t do the work as well as I need it done.

How do I find time to train staff when I am so busy getting the work done?

I seem to spend all my time answering questions for staff, or fixing their mistakes. Jobs always stretch out beyond expectation because materials don’t arrive in time or equipment breaks down or is out for servicing. Then I have to run to catch up.

How do I get clients to come back, and spend more money with me.

How can I keep up with the increasing tax office demands for electronic business statements and reports?

Are there technologies that could make my business more efficient and competitive and make my tax and administration obligations easier?

Running a Business
Should Not Be This Hard


Running a Business Should Not Be This Hard - Cover