Our tips on how to tackle issues in the automotive industry in 2020

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Our tips on how to tackle issues in the automotive industry in 2020

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Add software to your business ‘toolbox’ this year to help grow your business

Here’s some breakthrough news for the automotive industry! The Federal Government has finally admitted that the voluntary code in place requesting manufacturers to publicly share technical data has not worked. The long process of writing legislation for a mandatory code has now begun. 

In the meantime, do you have a system for accessing technical data? Are all of your staff trained to use your current system? Do you meet regularly with your team to share new information, problems and solutions?   

Marketing on a budget

Competition from dealers who offer inhouse servicing is not going to disappear any time soon. You know you have the skills to match these mechanics, but how do you compete against their marketing budgets and the continual flow of customers who have purchased their vehicles from these dealers?

You already have a flow of customers through your doors – and these customers should be your focus. Selling more services or products to these customers, keeping them happy and coming back, as well as referring to family and friends – this is how you grow your business with a “just the essentials” marketing budget. 

You need to know who your customers are, how to contact them efficiently, their vehicle history and what they need next. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is an essential tool for business growth – and best practice is a CRM integrated with effective Workshop Management Software, your essential tool for productivity. 

Here are just six advantages of adding this software to your business ‘toolbox’.

  1. How often do customers come in 5,000kms or months past their service due date? A CRM will enable you to put automated customer reminders in place, potentially rewarding you with three services in 18 months instead of two. Imagine how a 33% increase in logbook services will impact your revenue! 
  2. How often do you have a job booked and the customer doesn’t show up? The result is frustration and wasted time. A team member has to call the customer, or answer their apologetic call, and rebook. With an automated reminder system in your CRM you could be sending a message to your customer, both one week and one day before a job booking. Wipe out the ‘no shows’ and increase team productivity with minimal effort.
  3. Do you track vehicle history? Workshop Management software puts vehicle history and current parts prices at your fingertips. A team member can instantly know a customer hasn’t replaced their tyres in two years and suggest a deal for new tyres. Since they are already bringing the car in, you have a happy customer and more sales.
  4. Are you tracking customer referrals, so you know who you need to thank for their loyalty? After a second referral, your CRM could remind you to offer a small reward or discount. It’s a simple way to say thank you, keep customer retention rates high and keep them motivated to refer again. Who needs to pay for expensive advertising if your customers are singing your praises?
  5. Do you want to drive business growth and productivity of your team? Your integrated software can produce comprehensive reports to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep everyone up-to-date, motivated and kicking goals.
  6. Have you ever conducted a survey to see what your customers want from you? This can be easily organised through your CRM – and a little help from Quantum Financial Group.

If you have been putting off purchasing this software because you thought it was expensive, here’s the good news.  

CRM and integrated workshop management software doesn’t cost the earth anymore. In fact, the investment can be less than the price of one minor service per month. Quantum Financial Group can help you source and implement a system and assist with staff training. We can take care of everything for you and help make life easier!

There are many ways that a workshop management system can improve your business, not just through CRM. If you already have workshop management software in place, are you getting full value? Is there functionality you haven’t used? Are your staff trained and confident in using the system?

More on the value of integrated workshop management software next time – but if you want to discover more about how to grow your business through management software, get in touch. Call Mike or Cathy on 03 9799 3832.